Nobody loves me.

I say this because I've been begging for squishy food all morning and no one's giving any to me.

I think I'll just roll on the floor and cry about it now.

This sucks.

I've been staying in azurelunatic's den. She hasn't been letting me go out. I haven't gotten to play with shammash in days. All because I peed on some stuff! Honestly!

azurelunatic has been saying something about "decatting". shammash said through the door that I am not going to like it. He said his balls disappeared when that happened to him. I wish they hadn't. Then he might screw me. I'm sick of not getting any action.

New Neighbor

I was sitting looking, when suddenly WHAMSCREECH!

When I climbed back up behind the blinds to look, it was gone.

Loony chased me into the living room, and there she was. She hit the glass door. I hit the glass door. She yowled. I yowled. We hissed. I hissed.

Eventually, when I came back out, she wasn't there anymore.

She's about my size, but all black and brown and fluffy and she's got really long, long fur. It looks like it's got mud in it. I bet she gets bad hairballs. I hope she does, too.

snuggles & exercise

I snuggled up next to votania last night to get petted. I think she actually might not try to eat me!

Today, I wanted to see what there was on top of that nice cave in Mommy's den. So, I decided to climb. Mommy hasn't been chopping my claws off lately, so I was able to sink my pitons into some of that dangling fabric she keeps in that cave in her lair. She turned around and saw me and yelled. I guess I wasn't supposed to do that.

Oh well.

I'll try it sometime when she isn't here.

Scary Wooden Monsters

A few days ago something scary happened to me! I was playing in the room with the food and the water, my part of Mommy's room, and I was poking around with my nose. I poked and poked, and I made a hole open up! So I went inside, and then the hole closed!

So I banged and banged until I woke up Mommy. She cussed at me, then came over to make me go Out. Then she realized I was trapped! So she opened that hole (it's where she stores the soft things) and I ran out!

She said something, it was sort of like "[mumble] cat in the [mumble mumble] cupboard at four the [mumble] o'clock in the [mumble] morning!"
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There was loud here today. First, there was stuff being moved around yesterday, and loud happening. All the best hiding places got stuff done to them. And there were nasty smells and new things.

And then today, there was more loud and more new smells, and then there was REALLY a lot of loud, because more people came in. I went and sat under Aunt votania's bed because it was loud and Mommy's room had lots of loud in it too.

Now the loud is all gone. Maybe it's safe to come out now. But Aunt votania has made it so the door won't come open. So I guess I'll run on marxdarx's face in a few hours.

Bad Mommy!

Mommy is home. About time.

She wants me to come over to her so she can pet me and give me earscritches. Bad Mommy went away and stayed away for too long. I will not come over there. I will not let her give me earscritches.

Maybe I will go and barf on something else.
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Mommy picked me up and put me in that WATER a few days ago. Should I let her pet me again? She's all wet right now.